Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stop The Presses

My eye won't stop twitching.

Google tells me that this could be caused by a few things: exposure to overly bright lights, being overly tired, heredity, or anxiety. Or it might be an early sign of a chronic movement disorder or an unspecified neurological disorder.

I vote for brain tumor.

Why do our bodies turn on us in times of stress? I would like to think that when I'm stressed out, I can depend on my body. Instead it freaks out, makes my eye pulsate when I'm innocently trying to teach a class, and refuses to even attempt that downward facing dog yoga pose.

It's not a brain tumor. It's stress. I get it. The stress radiates around me. My office mate told me I had stress vibes all day. I've tried. Yesterday I even went to the mall. By myself. (Which, by the way, spring fashion is NOT friendly for those of who don't want to wear hot pink, florescent orange, or any variant of the color yellow. Gap, Old Navy, and Express - I'm talking to YOU.) I've been reading a lot, watching plenty of bad television, and window shopping on Etsy. Let's not talk about the hours of working out, including yoga, I've been doing.

But my brain doesn't know that it's okay for it to be relaxed. My brain knows that there are things going on. Sure, there's nothing my brain can do about these things, but it's still engaged. It wants to fix things and since it can't, it's telling my body TO FREAK THE FUCK OUT. (My eye just twitched.)

Any advice on stopping the twitches? How do I relax? What can I do differently? Somebody HELP ME!!! Before I stab my eye with a hot poker.


  1. I get the eye twitch. I also get it in my eyebrow. Once I got it in my lip and in my cheek.

    It's stress and/or an electrolyte deficiency. It’s not a brain tumor (though I went that way with my thoughts too.) Don't look up stuff on the internet about it because it will only scare you. When I went on Webmd to investigate it the first thing that came up was bells palsy. Awesome!

    My advise is to cut out caffeine for a few days. Drink a Gatorade. It will go away. It also helps to try to ignore it. It’s hard but you can do it. No worries!

  2. I feel your pain. I get them when I'm stressed, too. And really - this is not going to be in the least bit helpful - for me, it only stops when I stop stressing out. I usually have to talk myself into believing that I can't control whatever's stressing me so much - and that if I can do something, doing it usually helps. Even if it seems like nothing huge(calling my sister, just to know I was stressed FOR her, for example, which made her feel better).

  3. I left this same suggestion on Malfeasance recently because her eye is twitching, too. When that was happening to me a while ago, a friend of mine suggested it's a magnesium deficiency and recommended a calcium-magnesium supplement. I took a spoonful of that a couple times a day and the twitching did stop in a week or so. Whether the cal-mag helped or it was just a coincidence I have no idea, but it might be worth a try!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the brain tumor. I've had a cough lately, so I'm convinced that I have lung cancer.

    I hope you are able to shake off some of your stress. And then let me know how you do it!

  5. Anonymous3/18/2009

    peanut butter cures eye twiches. eating it, not putting it on your eye.

  6. i get it when i eat something really sour. like a lemon.

    hope you feel fine soon!

  7. This is the third eye twitch post I've read just this morning. I'm very suggestible and sort of a hypochondriac so later today, I'm sure I will be cursing all three of you.

  8. Certain over the counter and prescription drugs give me an eye-twitch. I can't remember what they are right now, but I think it first happened to me when I had a back injury and took prescription muscle relaxants (Soma, to be specific). If you're taking any meds, you may want to consider cutting them out to see if they're the culprit???


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