Sunday, March 01, 2009

Musings from a Freezing Afternoon

As a joke, a friend of mine got me the game Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot for Christmas. What kind of joke it that, you ask? Well, for those of you who have not memorized all of the facts about me in my 100 Things list (see #99), I am somewhat terrified of rabbits.

(Side note of no import: The kid next door is screaming. Again. I am never going to have children. The end.)

So, it was a joke. But, nonetheless, we (the boy, the gift-giving friend, and I) sat down and played it. It was complicated, but fun. I had a feeling it was a Dungeons and Dragons game for dummies, but I was having a good time. I mean, the game involves KILLING BUNNIES. What more could a girl ask for? Yes, I felt like a big dork when I played the game, but the boy and I quickly became addicted to it. We play it at least once a week. (What? For all that it seems like all I do is watch television, we don't usually watch television. We play board games. You gotta problem with this?)

Yesterday, both of us were going a little bit stir-crazy, stuck inside the apartment all day (bitter cold here, folks) and we went to a certain mall to obtain a few items. We ended up also buying the new booster deck to our Killer Bunnies game!! Because we are nerds. That is all.

I also made reservations at the Rivertown Inn in Stillwater for next weekend (the Longfellow Bedchamber, of course!). We are totally going away and not thinking about school, jobs, or conferences for forty-eight hours straight. I am so excited you would not believe!!

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  1. I was walking through Walmart, and I walked past a small child throwing a screaming tantrum on the floor. Every time I see that, I think, "Yes! I need at least 3 of them!!"


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