Monday, February 09, 2009

Grammy Notes

We watched the last hour or so of the Grammy show last night. Here are some things I jotted down on paper as we watched it.

-Who is this Adele? She's been nominated an awful lot.
-As soon as she gets on stage: Huh. She's a nut. I don't think I like her.

-Jennifer Nettles. I'd do her. I love this song.

-Radiohead - huh? Why's everyone love this band so much? The USC marching band has a lot of bass drums.

- That dude who came on and made a speech about how piracy laws should be more stringent and included a gem about a Cabinet level position called the Secretary of the Arts? Obama's gonna be mad at you.

-Justin Timberlake did a "collaboration" piece with some black dude. JT can really sing. When did that happen? How come I've missed his career taking off since his NSync days? Why is that dude talking over JT singing? How rude.

-My husband hates Jamie Foxx "with a passion." I was unaware.

-NeYo is worming his way into my heart. He's quite handsome.

-I'm enjoying the trend of men in dapper hats. Yay trend!

-I would like to rub Buddy Guy's head. BB tells me that Buddy Guy would not take kindly to that. I think Buddy Guy would give me a hug and tell me to go away.

-As soon as Gary Sinese shows up on screen, the boy yells "Lieutenant Dan!" as if he's been waiting to do that his whole life.

-Lil' Wayne has a red piece of cloth (bandana? handkerchief?) in his back pocket. I wait on the edge of my seat for him to call a challenge. "I need a booth review!"

-BB refers to Alison Krauss as "smokin'." I agree. If she and Jennifer Nettles were in the same room with me, I think I would be overcome with lust.


  1. Other thoughts:

    -What was up with Kanye's hair? It looked like a return to the mullet. Some things need to stay buried

    -loved the New Orleans brass band

    -Jennifer Hudson. love her

    -what happened when the little people enclosed by the set had to go to the bathroom?

  2. I've disliked Jamie Foxx since In Living Color. I relented briefly when he accepted his Golden Globe for Ray, but on the whole I would prefer it if he not try to sing.


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