Friday, February 20, 2009

45 x 365 #100

100/365 - SD

Short, dark hair just barely long enough to cover your child-like face. You might have come up to my shoulders, though I might be giving you the benefit of a couple of inches. So when you spoke with authority in that deep voice, I was awed.


  1. I've sorted through the posts and poked around your blog a bit, but I can't figure out what 45 x 365 is. Can you explain for a latecomer?

  2. Sure, I can explain it. Basically, every day (or as close to it as I can) for a year I write 45 words and 45 words only describing someone. So you'll see in each entry the number of the entry, as well as initials of the person I'm describing. Sometimes the initials are changed to protect the innocent, but each person represents someone I know or have known in my life.


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