Friday, November 07, 2008

My Cast is Purple

When I called to make a follow-up appointment for my hand, I was shocked when the receptionist, as she clarified the nature of the nature of the appointment, referred to it as a "surgical consult." I may have freaked the fuck out. WTF? I'll just let it heal on its own, thank you.

So I was delighted when the PA came in to the room and declared the break to be the best break you could have in a hand. The doctor came in and seconded that, saying it was in a place with good blood flow and would heal quickly. In about four weeks. Of an immobile hand. So, I was fitted for a cast and the "Master Caster" as the PA dubbed herself, did an excellent job. Just call it the purple people eater.

Maybe I don't have to say this, but typing is difficult. Not impossible, but relatively difficult. I'm going to attempt to post pretty regularly, at the very least keeping up with the 45 x 365 posts, but I wouldn't expect too much out of me if I were a loyal reader!!


  1. You are handling hand immobilization much better than I would. Four weeks of limited typing abilities? I'd need some kind of nerve meds to keep me sane.

  2. You're left handed, right?

  3. Seconded what Debbie said - you seem so nonchalant about BREAKING a bone!

    I hope you're feeling better - I would imagine breaking something like that would hurt a ton, and I'm a big weenie.

  4. My life would be SO hard without one of my hands. You have my sympathy...


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