Monday, November 17, 2008

Down with Culpepper

For those of you who have been reading for awhile or have ever had the honor of having a discussion about professional sports with me, you know that my happiness is, in some small way, tied to the performance of certain Detroit teams, including, sadly, the Lions.

The dismal performance of the Lions this year has their current record standing at a pathetic 0-10. They are the ONLY team in the NFL to have exactly zero wins this year. My heart rends a little each time someone makes a "toothless Lions" or "terrible Lions" joke. Alas, these commnets come too frequent for me to take too seriously.

So many personnel changes have occurred this season. There was the firing on the super unpopular GM, and a series of quarterback changes from Kitna (injured) to Orlovsky to Stanton (ummm...who?). Now, mind you, I witness all this from afar because the Lions suck so bad, they are never shown on national television. I read articles, I joke with friends back home, and every week I see my boys in blue on the Sunday night football blooper reel.

Imagine my pain when I read that Daunte Culpepper (read here and here for my hatred of the man) was in negotiations with the Lions. And when he actually suited up and began playing for the team, I was devastated. Now I am torn. I really want the Lions to win at least ONE game this season. I really don't want to have to root for Culpepper.

What does a girl do?


  1. We felt the same way when Terrell Owens first came to Dallas. The pain passes, it takes a while and it hurts like hell, but it passes.

    I'm also a huge Packer's fan...I'm really struggling with them this year since Brett Favre headed over to the Jets. It's just not the same and I cannot bring myself to watch the Jets, ever.

  2. I think you will hate Culpepper till he throws / scrambles in for jis first TD. Then you will begin thawing toward him.


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