Saturday, November 22, 2008


You guys, I no longer have a cast on!! We went yesterday to get my hand re-x-rayed. The not doctor (seriously, I never saw the doctor) looked at the new images and said, "that's an interesting fracture. But let's get you set up with a splint."

Yay!! I only have to wear the splint when I'm in danger of hurting my hand by banging it against something. So I wear it at night, when I'm around other people who might bump it (e.g. students, shoppers at the Mall of America), or when I'm working out. When I'm sitting around the house, eating dinner, or working on my computer, I get to be splint free!! Taking a shower this morning was an amazing experience. I could scrub my scalp and clean my right hand. With all apologies to the Earth, I stayed in that shower way longer than I absolutely needed to.

In celebration of my castlessness, we went to see Bolt last night (in 3D). It was fabulous. In the movie the hamster refers to himself as BEYOND AWESOME, which turns into bawesome and that's my new favorite word. Taking a shower: bawesome. Husband making breakfast: bawesome. Getting home in time to get UPS package: bawesome. But, really, it was a good movie. I laughed a lot and even the boy chuckled a few times. Good stuff. We went to a late enough showing that there weren't a gazillion kids there (sorry! I don't want to hear them crying during my movie!) and everyone else was off seeing Twilight, so we had a fairly quiet audience.

So we went to this movie, but since I really wanted to see it in 3D, we had to go to the suburbs. Since we had other shopping to do (baby clothes! for the new nephew in the family! - imagine my glee at having to take the boy with me to go baby clothes shopping! - we (I) went a little crazy, but the new baby's got some cute gear to wear) we went to the Mall of America. Bullet points about my experience at the MOA follow.

1) I haven't been there in a few months and all the stores have changed. There's a new American Girl store, a Nike store, a Best Buy, and the Dairy Queen has moved. The constant movement in that place is surprising.

2) There's an unopened store called "Santa's Experience" and the signs on the outside of it say "make an appointment with Santa." WTF? Just wait in line like everyone else!!

3) There are an unusually large number of crazy people at the MOA in comparison to your average mall. The number of people who talk to themselves while pointing at nothing was enough to make me question my own sanity. Likewise, the number of people who seem to think that they are the only people in the entire mall and exhibit behaviors like screaming to other members of their party from one floor of the mall to the other or blocking the aisle way so no one else can get by seems to go up exponentially the closer we get to the holiday season.

4) The holiday decorations are up. I found myself humming alone to "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" a lot. But it's not even Thanksgiving yet. Weird. I asked a checker at a certain unnamed baby clothier if she was sick of the holiday music yet and she looked up at me in surprise, "I hadn't even noticed it!" How do you not notice the incredibly loud stylizing vocals on Bryan Adams, I ask you?


  1. Our official "Christmas" radio station - official because they say they are - have been playing Christmas music 24/7 for over 2 weeks now. I love me my Christmas tunes, but not if I listen to them for 6 weeks straight.

  2. Lucky you for getting the cast off. I am looking forward to getting my tubes removed next week. Funny how taking showers is one of those things we take for granted.

  3. I really like the word bawesome. I am going to add it to my daily vocabulary of positive comments to make. Thanks for the "word".

    On another "word" note, my word verification nonsense word was "inosycl" for this comment. I think I'll try to use that, too. hmmm... Let's see... How about, "How did you hurt yourself Neurotic Grad Student? Inosycl accident"...Ok. Ok. That's nonsense word abuse.


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