Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NFL Rankings

So, hey, week two of football season is over and it hasn't been a very good year for my teams so far. I am pretty sure no one but me cares about my football team rankings, except for my patient husband, but I'm going to rank them for you anyway.

Here is the hierarchy of teams I root for. This has nothing to do with talent of teams, understand, but simple blind loyalty on my part, mostly of geographic areas.

1) Detroit Lions - Hands down the winners on my list of loved teams. I always root for them to win, but so far this year they are 0-2 and that has made life for me sad.
2) Minnesota Vikings - I can't help it now that Culpepper and Moss are gone, I root for the home team. The Vikes are also 0-2 and how could things go so badly for me?
3) Indianapolis Colts - I have a crush on Tony Dungy. 1-1 this year.
4) Cleveland Browns - I used to live in Ohio, so they were the home team there. Also 0-2 this year. Did I mention it hasn't been a good year for me so far?
5) Pittsburgh Steelers - It's cute how Hines Ward smiles hugely whenever he messes up. Pittsburgh is 2-0, but sadly, one of those games was a hard loss for my Cleveland Browns (ranked above the Steelers, you see).
6) New York Giants - The Manning brothers deserve love.
7) Green Bay Packers - A super duper community owned team and I think they made the correct decision re: Favre.
8) Baltimore Ravens - A football team with a literary name is a team to root for.
9) New Orleans Saints - This is the only football team on my list below the Mason-Dixon line and I have to admit it's because I have a giant love for their quarterback, Drew Brees.
10) Denver Broncos - Their mascot is a horse and at games there's this horse and I love it.
11) Chicago Bears - My father's favorite team, so it's gotta be pretty far down the list of mine.

I despise the Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, and Philadelphia Eagles. I actually hate the Eagles because they use mostly a passing game, which I think is boring. It has nothing to do with Philadelphia, a most lovely city.

I am sort of confused about my feelings about the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets. They are northern teams and I should like them, but I don't think Bills games ever get played around here on networks and the Jets took Favre, which is a problem for me. So....confusion.

Most other teams I just don't care about. The Chargers, the Seahawks, the Chiefs, the Dolphins, the whatevers. I usually root for the northernmost team. Or the team with the better mascot, which is strangely how the Broncos even ended up on the list.

So, how's that for lots of thoughts on things most you don't care about?

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  1. I care! And actually, I'm thinking about totally ripping off your idea and using it on my own blog :) I'm glad the Colts are above the Steelers on your list, because as much as I try to be a Steelers fan, I can't help but root for the Colts instead. I'm a little in love with Peyton Manning, so my loyalty is to him and not so much the Colts. Eli, however, I could do without.


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