Monday, September 08, 2008

A List of Non-Important Items

1) I would like to reiterate my demands from last year that Monday night football be on a non-cable network. There is nothing more annoying than not being able to watch a football game everyone will be talking about tomorrow just because it is on ESPN. Stupid ESPN. (And, in interest of full disclosure, I was able to watch the Vikings/Packers game tonight because the Vikings are a local team. But from this week on, I will be one pissed off chick every Monday night. And, although I hate to root for the Packers, I think they made the right choice passing on Favre and sticking with Rodgers.)

2) It appears that my engagement ring is the source of the irritation on my finger and not my wedding ring. This was determined by cleverly wearing only one ring at a time and watching my finger turn red and puffy with my engagement ring. Huh. I swapped out my navel bar with a titanium bar and that has made it feel slightly better, although it's still pretty tender to the touch. It is no longer oozing pussy stuff when I do my salt water soak, so I'm taking it as progress.

3) Sarah Palin is a nutjob. I was on the fence about maybe voting for a third-party candidate because the Obama/Biden ticket isn't really my style, but as soon as I heard her speech, I became a diehard Obama supporter. I may even send money to Obama/Biden because I am scared of her.

4) One of my friends had a baby last week. This means a trip to Baby Gap in my future! Huzzah!

5) I parted my hair on the opposite side today. This made me feel like a different person.

6) My dad is a crazy psycho and if I weren’t so embarrassed about his behavior I’d tell you all about it. I spent 20 minutes on the phone today with Bestest Friend and she made me feel all better about it.

7) I am going to have a 5 x 7 of one of our wedding pictures made for my desk at work. I know that I promised you no more wedding related matter, but I lied a little bit. I have narrowed it down to these choices - I will post them tomorrow after mulling them over and ask for opinions. I would post them tonight, but I just spent an hour trying to do it and blogger blew up and took my hard earned downloaded pictures with it and my head hurts and so now I'm going to just go to bed.


  1. Hilary9/09/2008

    1. Football? All yours, sister. 2. Well done with the sleuthing! 3. IN-EFFING-DEED. 4. Delicious babies! 5. Whoa- the other side? Quite impressive. I cannot do that. 6. No embarrassment necessary but cheers to Bestest Friends anyway. 7. Weddings are lovely. :)

  2. Even though I have cable (seriously, I am not sure I'd survive without it) but I agree with the whole on a non-cable network thing. It's elitest and unfair. And normally I don't car about that. Much.

    Weird about the ring.

    I disagree with you about Sarah Palin, but that's okay. We can still be friends.

    The thing about the part is fantastic.

    Don't worry, we all have insane relatives. And if you think you don't, it's because you're the crazy relative.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. :D

  3. I'm high fiving you on the Palin thing. And in your honor, I will be parting my hair on the opposite side tomorrow.


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