Friday, August 15, 2008

Wedding Pictures!!!

Much excitement in the Biker Boy/Neurotic Grad Student household this week when our photographer posted our wedding pictures to his site. He's a totally awesome photographer and if you need someone to do your wedding pictures in the Twin Cities area, we highly recommend him. There are about a gazillion pictures, so I'll just post a handful. This is exciting, people!!

This is amusing. It's very Madonna, circa 1985. This is BB's computer desktop and it makes me laugh. I am the angry bride!! All of this was done before the ceremony, before I had seen BB, and frankly, I was a little grumpy. Damn it people, why can't I see my man?

Still grumpy. In a bathroom. That tile was cold, people. If you look closely, you'll see I'm not really touching it. Too cold!! Where is my husband to be? Let me at him!!

Oh, family pictures are being taken and I am laughing and laughing at...something?

Ceremony. Hey, NGS! Why don't you ever stand up straight? You're as bad as Mary Kate Olsen. But that man standing next to you is looking pretty debonair.

I love the juxtaposition of the grass and the wrought iron and the pretty blue stone here! The photographer took off with our rings shortly after our ceremony for these shots. We shrugged and handed them over without a second glance. We're trusting that way.

We're standing in front of the air conditioner. Hee. We are nothing but shields!

Geez, what a ham. Get over yourself, girl. (But, damn that seamstress did an awesome job with making that dress fit just so. Kudos to you, seamstress lady.)

Sometimes people are puzzled by the fact that I don't drink alcohol. To them I ask: do I really look like I need it?

Oh, the groom is so handsome. Why is he with that chick? Seriously, dude, you could do so much better.

I know, I know. He looks so dangerous. I'd trust that he'd defend me from knife-wielding maniacs and terrifyingly persistent bill collectors.

Okay, that's it for me and wedding related posts. I swear. Finis. (But, seriously, go look at those pictures. There are some of BB shaving. And me laughing. Why was everything so funny that day?)


  1. Why was everything so funny? Because if you don't laugh on your wedding day you might have to collapse from all the stress!

    That first picture looks like it could be in Vogue! You are fierce, girl!

    And I imagine that last one will find its way into a frame for all eternity.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Don't sell yourself short, you gorgeous thing, you!

  3. Anonymous8/15/2008

    Gorgeous pictures! Really beautiful!

  4. Very cool pics!!

    My ring is a sapphire, too.

  5. I love wedding pictures and those were fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Those are fabulous shots. Love em.

  7. Awww, these are great and you look gorgeous! Congratulations!


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