Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life List

This life list is totally cribbed from Bright Yellow World.

Every day, I would like to:
1) Kiss my husband good morning and good night.
2) Make the bed.
3) Remember to charge my dumb cell phone.
4) Smile at a child.

Every week, I would like to:
1) Call a friend I haven't heard from in a while.
2) Send out snail mail to someone.
3) Workout at least four times.
4) Try out a new recipe.

In three months, I would like to:
1) Not be surprised that Biker Boy is still here with me.
2) Have figured out how we're going to do the holidays.
3) Go on a weekend trip with just my husband for the sole purpose of hanging out with him.
4) Be able to run a 5K.

Before next year, I would like to:
1) Have a wedding album done.
2) Have at least two chapters of my dissertation done.
3) Buy fabulous shoes, so fabulous that people stop me on the street to ask about them.
4) See a non-Republican in the White House.

In two to five years, I would like to:
1) Be done with grad school forever.
2) Get a dog.
3) Own a house with a garage.
4) Be able to throw out all those files with articles from classes that I'm never going to read or consult ever again.

Before I die, I would like to:
1) Have a job I love.
2) Travel to Ireland, Australia, and Alaska.
3) Read a J.D. Robb book in which Dallas realizes that Roarke is an abusive jerk and leaves him.
4) Drive an old-school Ford from the 1950s in mint green with leather seats.


  1. I love that one of your life goals is related to a J.D. Robb book! Those are such guilty pleasures... I read them, fully aware of how bad they are. It hurts! It hurts so good!

  2. What a cool list! Might have to steal it, though I'm generally not that introspective. lol

  3. Passing you a little love note :-)


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