Thursday, August 07, 2008

Happiness is...

...waking up, excited for the coming day.

...having a purpose and plan of attack.

...the summer breeze making the blinds knock.

...looking at him, looking at me.

...a busy downtown street, with jaywalking pedestrians, noisy Bud Light trucks, and cyclists with rolled up pants and messenger bags.

...Springsteen cranked up, windows rolled down, the miles passing in a blur.

...dinner made together, served on plates that match and shiny new flatware.

...falling asleep right away because when you crawled into bed your body was overtaken by that tired feeling that can only come after a seriously long bike ride.

...walking into a place where you haven't been in a long time, uncertain if you still belong there, and everyone tells you how much they've missed you.

...talking to an old friend with whom you've neglected your correspondence and it feels like you've never been away from her.

...guilt free trips to Baby Gap - there are birthdays coming up, you know.

...the accomplishment of having done something, no matter how minor it may seem to outsiders, that you know will make your life better.


  1. That's a lovely, lovely list :-) Hope you got enjoy at least some of those today!

  2. ....and comments, beautiful glorious comments. Happy Friday!


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