Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Passive aggressive?

BB's sister, the resident at Mayo Clinic, called the another night and told us that she had read a story in a medical journal that people with Celiac's (the gluten intolerance BB has) don't absorb nutrients in the proper amount, even when their diet is fine. It's especially important for these folks to take a multivitamin, which BB does,* and that they eat a varied diet within the limitations of their diet. I stand firm that we're not very limited - a protein, vegetable, and starch (rice, corn, or potato) - in our meals. But, anyway, this freaked me out. (Have I mentioned that I'm still having the dreams where BB dies? And that my level of anxiety has reached such a peak that I can barely function? No. Okay. Well, it's another post that will soon be written.)

So, then I "accidentally" spun more salad greens than we needed for dinner last night. I put the extra in a tupperware container in the salad and this morning when BB was packing his lunch, I mentioned that it might be a good idea to include the salad. Because his body isn't absorbing enough nutrients, everybody!! Argh!

*All Centrum products are GF, although One-A-Day products are not

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