Monday, June 30, 2008

Lightning Striking

NGS: Did you read that story in the Strib about the guy who got struck by lightning?

BB: I saw the picture of his sock.

NGS: He was in his backyard. He got hit, woke up, and crawled to the door of his house...uh...I guess his arms and legs weren't really working well... and started banging on the door, but his wife was sleeping and didn't hear him for a half an hour.

BB: Huh.

NGS: He had a live round in his pocket.

BB: Did it hurt him?

NGS: No, I guess it went off, but didn't hurt him.

BB: Huh.

NGS: You're missing the point! Who carries a live round with them while going outside in your backyard? WHY was there a live round in his pocket?

BB: Maybe that's what hunters do. Like you carry around Blistex and ponytail holders in your pocket.

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