Friday, May 09, 2008

Rub some dirt on it!

When we first moved in to our apartment, we had some friends over for our first dinner party and one of them brought us a spider plant as a housewarming gift. It was potted in compost from their compost pile, their cat had eaten a few leaves off of it, and it was the tiniest little guy you have ever seen. It was so wee. Someone, I can't imagine who, christened the plant Lindsey because it is possible that Christian Kane was the best thing ever about that show with the soulful vampire.

ANYWAY, Lindsey stayed wee all through the winter. We'd move him around the apartment from window to window, chasing the sunbeams. Biker Boy would religiously leave out a glass of water every few nights so we could water Lindsey with room temperature water. Lindsey moved from the coffee table to the dining room table to the kitchen counter, back to the coffee table. We just put him wherever there was sun and room.

But in the last couple of months, with the onset of the dreaded time of year some people like to call spring, Lindsey has expanded. And looks like this:

Now, I'm not sure what you notice about this picture*. Is it the fact that we read National Geographic and Sports Illustrated and those seriously are the only two magazines we get at our house? Is it the fact that there is a remote for our sound system on the table, when the sound system is mere FEET away? Is it that I have been wrapping a lot of presents and have yet to put away the scissors? Is it the handily placed bottle of wine** used to give you perspective on how DAMN BIG our plant has become? You can't even eat at the table with Lindsey anymore because he's a damn fat ass.

So we have to repot this plant. And, as I'm sure you can tell because of our obsession with moving this guy all over the place, it's not like we have a big collection of potting soil or pots available to us. We went to a party tonight at the house of the person who gave us this plant as a housewarming present. And out of nowhere, I simply asked her, "do you have any dirt?" Because other people have dirt, right?

And she gave us a new, BIGGER pot filled with dirt. So tomorrow we're going to go outside and repot the plant. We might even break Lindsey into TWO pieces and call them Lindsey and Junior. Wheee...

*Ummm...Biker Boy wants everyone to know that he just took this picture at my request and he demanded recognition that "he is the awesomest fiancé ever." There you go.

**We don't drink much around these parts. There's about a cup and a half of wine gone - used to make a roast one day a couple of months ago. And we really should throw this bottle out, but there's a picture of a horse on it!

***Also, I realize that I haven't been using the "roommates" tag I have because I moved out of the place with the roommates a long time ago, but from here on out, I'm considering Lindsey and Junior roommates.

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