Saturday, May 31, 2008


We got an email from our photographer that he may have a "preview gallery" of our wedding pictures by the end of next week! But, until then, you'll have to survive with snapshots I have literally stolen from other people's web sites.

I think I bitched about flowers A LOT here. I am allergic to THE WORLD. This makes the Midwest particularly unpleasant in the spring and the fall and remind me why I love it here? And it made the prospect of flowers unpleasant for me. Anyway, Natalie came over on Saturday morning and we did flowers. They were BEAUTIFUL. And it was so wonderful to do them together. But, by the time I got to the wedding site, my eyes were already irritated from the makeup and when the photographer told me to stick my face in my bouquet like I was smelling them, I had a minor bridal freakout.

No. Can I not touch and/or be near the flowers until the ceremony?

And see this picture? This is what happened to my flowers post-ceremony. I set them on this coatrack thing during the signing of the license and never picked them up again.

Everyone said our cake was yummy. I believe them. It looked great. Look! Cheesecake!! Go Muddy Paws!

Biker Boy did not want any cutesy stuff at our wedding. But since I was in charge of the cheesecake, I had them put on these bride and groom strawberries. Biker Boy rolled his eyes at me, but I swear they made everyone smile.

As we were doing flowers on Saturday morning, my mom surprised me with these favors. They were chocolate flowers with a little note on the back. Biker Boy and I had decided on no favors as a way to save money, but these were quite the hit. I saw lots of people eating these things right up! (We'll ignore the fact that there were heart-shaped notes on the back. We did this entire damn wedding heart-less until the final morning. Fie on you, heart-shaped wedding conspiracy!)

And then there was a girl walking down the aisle. Look! Flowers! This is the only time you'll see the bride with her flowers! What a freaking gorgeous day!!! (It looks like we have no guests because of the empty chairs. See, what happened was that was the side yard where I was waiting to walk towards our guests. Later that evening, people sat in those chairs and ate dinner. But now it looks like we had a sparsely attended wedding, which just wasn't so!)

And then there was a marriage! Whee!! Look how happy they are!!!
This post was just for you, koo!! I swear I'll post better pictures when we get them. But this is just a small taste for you!!!!


  1. you are one beautiful lady and that is one lucky biker boy!

    and you made my day with this post


  2. Congratulations! I love your dress and everything looks gorgeous.


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