Thursday, May 08, 2008


I'm scanning the headlines at before I leave the house this morning. (Yes, I look at CNN instead of some other, more respected sites, because I can't stand the sensory overload that happens when I look at other news outlets - New York Times, I'm looking at you.) A headline reads, "Dreadlocked heartthrob voted off 'Idol.'" Ummmm...wait. Isn't that what happens on a reality show - every week someone gets voted off? How is this news? How come I am so upset over this?

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  1. You can bring your plant to any Hewwit's or other plant nursery and they will repot it for you - one of the unknown things about these places. I always buy something because they're doing such a huge favor for me, but then they have the mess to deal with, not you!

    I started my own neurotic blog as a grad student recently and was surprised that I haven't found more of them. Needed some sort of outlet and since I don't really drink, I figured this might do.

    Enjoy the new plant!


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