Thursday, March 13, 2008

Party time!!!

Guess what? I'm fine! Tuesday when we got home from the hospital, I was bouncing around the apartment in typical NGS-style and it was like the sweet drip of morphine had never happened. Except it totally had and Biker Boy was worried and I was half-convinced that becoming addicted to morphine should be my next life goal (I joke, I kid - maybe).

So apparently it is easier for women with kidney stones than men with kidney stones because it's a short journey from the kidney to the bladder and once it's in the bladder, it no big deal. You boys, you have a bit more work to get those things out of the bladder. was a couple of hours of excruciating pain and dizziness and whee! morphine and then I was fine. (And the ER folks were kind enough to draw blood, give me an ultrasound, a pelvic exam, a vaginal probe - oh my GOD I just wrote vaginal probe - and a CAT scan. So my girl parts are all just fine and it turns out I have TWO ovaries. For reasons that are a bit obscure to me, this was important for them to tell me. I know I didn't take anatomy and I'm a bit weak on certain areas of the body, but don't most women have two?) I have one day of school left and then I will be on spring break, which around these parts is known as a week to write that paper, catch up on that grading, go do that wedding shower thing in Iowa, and finish all those pesky wedding details, including figuring out the fucking flowers. I now officially hate flowers. Can I do this whole wedding without flowers? Will anyone notice? Oh, and we're going to get our license. And probably sleep in a bit. But not go to the emergency room.

Sweet. So next time I post, I will have goodies from a wedding shower. And thank you notes to write.

Hee. What a boring entry.

ANYWAY, I'm fine. Thanks for the kind thoughts. Next time I will write about something fun! And exciting! Like why prostitution is not a victimless crime! And why Michigan and Florida should not be allowed do overs! And how exciting it will be when I can ride my bike again!


  1. Glad you are okay!

    Also, we did our entire wedding without flowers and it was gorgeous and way cheaper than doing it with flowers. The reason was supposedly that all of my bridesmaids are allergic to pollen, but really it was because the idea of having to deal with one. more. detail made me feel like I was going to scream.

  2. Anonymous3/19/2008

    Hey now that you are better, you can try this new gluten free brownie recipe that my fav food blog posted that doesn't use weirdo flours (but instead beans- it looks good). I am going to use my boyfriend as a guinea pig too!


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