Monday, March 24, 2008

My new crush

So, despite my big plans of updating more regularly, it turns out that I have no interesting tidbits in my life. Unless you want to count my jump and squeal at the grocery store today because they actually had the brand of peanut butter I wanted (seriously, the third time's the charm - Katie wrote about the problems with grocery stores in the Twin Cities and I find that the Uptown Rainbow doesn't restock nearly enough - we go back many times to find the same damn things aren't on the shelves). Anyway, aside from my peanut butter woes, last week was Spring Break and I will admit to having spent two days doing absolutely nothing more stressful than going to the dog park with a certain white dog and playing Mexican train dominoes with Biker Boy.

Then, on Sunday, I was catsitting and decided to make use of the ESPN available to me to watch the long program of the men's world's figure skating championship. Oh, yeah. I watch that. I scheduled my WHOLE DAY around it. And fell in love with Stephane Lambiel. He didn't do so well, but if you want to see an awesome spin, watch the last 30 seconds of his program. (If I were cooler, I would put the video of his program up here, but, ummm, I don't know how to do that. So just go to YouTube and put in his name and Worlds 2008 LP. You'll see. He fell all over the place, but the spins! My lord. He's amazing.) He's my new boyfriend. I told Biker Boy that if Stephane Lambiel was in the room, it would be all over between us so I could dig some Swiss action.

I'll leave you with a picture of my Stephane.

.S. No, my hair is not pixie short. It's just above the shoulders short. With weird bang-y types layers that I didn't want. That I was trying to grow out, as a matter of fact. The thing is, I've been going to this guy for several years and I've never had any problems. So I'm going to let it go just this once.

P. P. S. I can't figure out why the font in the first paragraph is different. Oh, well.

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