Sunday, March 09, 2008

Looming large

What will happen in six months? Where will we live? What will be doing for jobs?

Who will win the presidential election? Will the United States ever again regain its international reputation?

Will I ever get a dog?

Will the winter ever end?

When will I find time to write that paper? Or get my hair cut? Or address those invitations? Or write those thank you notes?

Why won't the CD player in my truck miraculously fix itself? Or, will the radio stop sucking so much?

Why doesn't the mail come at the same time every day? Why is the mail delivery person so sporadic? Does the route change frequently?

When will I finish that box of Frosted Mini Wheats so I can start the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

How does Daylight Savings Time work? Why must it already be time for bed when I am not tired?

What does "taste the rainbow" mean anyway?

Why must alterations for my dress cost the same as Biker Boy's suit?

When I can go outside again without five layers on?

Where do the socks go? Why does the fridge always sound like it's peeing? Why does the dishwasher make that sound?

What is that smell in our kitchen?

Do all dogs go to heaven? What about that mean German shepherd down the street? Or the ones that never stop barking?

Would Denzel Washington sleep with me? If I begged?

When will Biker Boy be done preparing his lecture so we can go to bed?

If I ever found a message in a bottle, would I answer it?

Does anyone really read their horoscope? Do they take it seriously?

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