Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why I Love Minneapolis

I need to leave the house like five minutes ago. But I decided to check the weather before I leave, so I know, you know, if I should wear long underwear or not. Yesterday I opted for the no long underwear option and was very cold all day long until I got home at 7:00 and put on my sexy flying pig pajama pants and BGSU sweatshirt and dived into bed, causing Biker Boy to raise his eyebrows at me, as if climbing into bed at 7:00 had to be either an invitation for sex or the desperate needs of a 28 year-old who needs ten hours of sleep every day or will die.

Oh. But, back to why I love my fair city.

Because I check the weather and (I wish I could cut and paste it, but it's not working, so pretend) it has a big fat smiling sun (sun! whee!) with the following news "Severe Weather Alert -8 °F feels like -25 °F."

Right. To my friend who had the "cold day because of lows near -10," I say fie on you. This is a typically day in February for us and I don't get a cold day. Although I would desperately love one.

Wheeee!! Long underwear for me.

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  1. Or here in New Mexico, where we cancel school (and I get a paid 2 hour work delay) when we get 2-3 inches of snow. Did I mention that I planted the first peas in the veggie garden?


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