Monday, February 18, 2008


A friend of mine from high school has been married for just over two years. She sent me her new email address and in the subject said it was a shared email with her husband. Really? We share email addresses with our spouses? This is a thing?

It's bad enough that I share a bank account with him and feel the need to justify my purchases of new clothes. But, but, share my email account?

Is this right?


  1. I actually know a lot of people who have "family" email addresses for personal-life stuff--in fact, in my extended family, only me and my mother have never shared any email address. All of them also have their own addresses (mostly work addresses) for business stuff or private things, but it's kind of nice to have one email address with which to correspond with friends.

    I, however, hate having multiple email accounts (though I do have a personal one and a school/work one now) and could never do this. Well, I think, anyway. But my husband and I are often on our own accounts anyway.

  2. Shared bank account? Sure, for prop tax, car insurance, and construction projects. But shared email? Oh no. However, I know several people who do share email accounts; I just imagine that they do not use them much.

    Bottom line: 2 people, 15 years, no kids; 5 email addresses, 4 checking accounts, 2 IRA's.

  3. in the mid 1990s i lived with about 15 other kids on a remote mountain in california.

    email was very new. only a few lucky people had access usually through work. always dail up.

    so this nice man let us use his personal account to send emails etc. to our families.

    so everyday, i would trek up the mountain and look through his inbox for emails from my mum

    and then go back down the mountain and tell jamie 'your ex girlfriend wants you to email her back' 'jenny, call your mom,' etc

    funny that back then email didn't seem like something very private. more like a shared voicemail.

    thank god for hotmail...

  4. I can hardly handle the shared bank account thing (we have 2), let alone the shared e-mail. I just couldn't deal with it. He has his 2 addresses and I have my too many to count, and that's it. There is no shared e-mail in my house. I have friends who do that, and I hate it. Whenever I write to him to ask a question, she answers, and it's never the answer to the question I asked. If it's not addressed to you, leave it alone!


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