Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Look what I can do, Ma!!

Look!! I made this pillow!! With my own two hands.

A friend of mine is sick. Pretty sick, actually. Part of her treatment involves wearing an eyepatch. So I put together a fun care package filled with pirate-themed goodies. Including this pillow that I sewed!!

I called my mom and she was so excited. "You are my daughter, after all." You may not know this, but my mother and sister are the craftiest people alive. This crafty bug totally skipped over me. Except in times like this when badly sewn pillows are needed!!

**So what if there's a Christmas box next to it? There's an empty picture frame in that box and I just got around to ordering a picture (engagement pictures!!) for it. Wheeeeee!! When the picture comes in, the box will be removed.

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