Saturday, February 02, 2008

A little late now you want to hear how I wrote a witty entry on Wednesday, but when I clicked "publish post" it got all deleted and stuff? No? Okay, then, let's pretend it didn't happen.

NGS: "Hey, are you going to come caucus with me next Tuesday night?"
BB: "No."
NGS: "Why not? It'll be a bonding experience. You know, couples that caucus together stay together and stuff?"
BB: "No. I will not participate in this sham electoral process."
NGS: "Uhhh...but..." (silently looks at the window with a sad look on her face)

BB: "So imagine if Obama wins."
NGS: "Not gonna happen..."
BB: "Okay, but let's pretend. He gets all these people newly enfranchised, gets them to vote for him with those snazzy television ads* with the hip** music, and then he gets elected. But then he can't actually make good on any of those promises. All the newly enfranchised people, and some people, like you, who keep voting only to have their hearts broken election after election, get pissed. This leads to a crisis of government and the collapse of this sham of a democracy."
NGS: "You've really been worrying about this, haven't you?"

**The first Obama ad I saw I thought it was a music video. For some of that "cool" music I inevitably can't stand. Because I am in no way "cool." See: all my music posts and my undying love for Garth Brooks.
*Yeah. He said "hip." I'm not kidding.


  1. Garth is "cool." I realize that I am a little late to the All Hail the Garth party, but Garth is tres cool. Though saying "tres cool" might make me uncool all by itself. It's really no wonder I have no friends...

  2. More on the Clinton-Obama race. Also, I envy you your caucus. We caucus here, but it ain't the same, more of presidential preference ballot and that's it.

    I am surprised that BB is not into caucusing just for its participatory democracy tendency.

  3. OOps! Here:


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