Friday, September 16, 2005

New Job

So I was in court today and I was watching part of a murder trial. Since I was only there for about an hour and a half, I missed most of the history, but here's as much as I understood. Back in 1984, a guy sexually assaulted a woman he later killed. Along the way, he stalked her and as part of the stalking, he somehow accessed some of her checks and wrote checks out of her account. Now, in 2000, he got some fancy hotshot lawyer who decided that he should appeal he murder conviction.

2005. It's finally brought to court. And me, little old me, gets to watch an hour and a half of it. It's no Law and Order. The first hour and a half is the cop telling the lawyers that he gave the rape kit samples to the lab, the lab tech saying she gave the samples to the ME, and the ME saying he gave it back to the lab, blah, blah, blah, establishing the chain of evidence.

Then came the super exciting moment. The handwriting expert. This woman has a 27 year long CAREER in analyzing handwriting. She had a three-year long appreticeship and then started a consulting business of her own. She was amazing. She was like, "look, the connection between the A and the G goes below the line. The didn't happen in any of the known samples. The stem of the G goes higher than in any of the known samples. The slant is fifteen degrees different. The ratio of the capital letters to the lowercase letters is different." Anyway, you get the idea.

How come that never came up on a list of career options for me? When I took the Myers-Brigg and they told me I should be a nurse, a social worker, or a teacher, how come it forget to metion handwriting expert? I need to stop the grad school train, get off, and get on the handwriting expert train.

So, when you're telling little kids that they can do anything when they grow up, you can tell them the usual boring jobs - teacher, doctor, lawyer, CEO of Disney, President of Guatamala - but don't forget the cool occuptaions like handwriting analyst and stenographer.

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