Saturday, June 25, 2005

Things I Learned on The Bus

1) You have been riding the same bus route too often when you start to recognize the smelly men who get on and you also know which stop they exit the bus because of the change in air quality and you have begun to NOTICE THE PATTERN.

2) A sign that says "EFF. for rent" means efficiency apartment for rent. I had to think about that for a LONG time.

3) Gauze is the newest, hottest fashion accessory for the urban young. In the past week I have seen more and more young men sporting guaze wrapped around their arms and/or legs. Hip.

4) I still hate, hate, HATE the Starbucks at the corner of Franklin and Nicollet. It offends my sense of superiorness for living in the ghetto. How DARE Starbucks enter my hood?

5) There's a bridal place on the corner of Marquette and 10th going out of business. I promptly called and left voicemails for the two women I know who live in the Cities who may be interested in this nugget of information.

6) It's hard to fill out surveys on the bus. The driver gave me one this morning to fill out on my way to work. I HEART Met Transit, so I filled it out with gushing praise for the drivers and how much money it saves me in gas and parking and doctors appointments because heaven knows it saves me from getting ulcers because I don't have to drive on I-94 every single day of my life. Oh, yeah, but the point it that it was hard to fill out the little boxes when the bus was moving.

7) I don't know what is grammatically correct among: "He needs washed," "He needs washing," or "He needs to be washed." And the fact that I don't know may keep me up tonight. I said, "he needs washed" and Biker Boy laughed. This is on the bus list because we had the discussion on the bus.

8) The new Marshall Field windows will be opening June 30. Apparently there will be live entertainment and everything. Can't wait.

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  1. Thanks for the "he needs washed" example. I was just asking my friend if she had heard this variation, which my friend from Wisconsin uses. She had not heard it before.


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