Thursday, June 16, 2005

Not Enough Cherry

You know how they sell cherry Lifesavers separately from the rest? They should do the same thing for Starburst. I hate getting a whole pack and eating it for weeks because I don't ever want to eat the "lemon" ones.

My bestest friend is coming to town today. I am so excited. Off to wash the sheets and other things good hosts do.....

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  1. Hubby does that too..

    One time we were at a movie, it was dark, and he was eating starbursts from a bag. We had the following conversation in the middle of the movie..

    hubby: I just got a bad starburst
    Me: they can't go bad, they are all chemical
    hubby: it tastes terrible
    me: wait until the scene is more light and let me see the wrapper.

    Turns out it was a sour apple flavor.. one of their innovations. To hubby they will always be the bad flavor...


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