Saturday, June 11, 2005

Irrational Fear #237

Dropping my cell phone and/or keys in a storm drain.

I find myself clutching my keys compulsively when I am at an intersection with a storm drain anywhere near. Today, I looked down at my hand and saw I WAS BLEEDING from clutching them so hard. What does this say about me, I wonder?


  1. It's all about control I guess. And trusting that your handbag / backpack / pocket will stay by you and keep your gear near you. And what better symbolizes control than keys, objects that get you into places and vehicles that take you places?

    But there is nothing irrational about the fear of losing them. At softball, one of our classmates set his keys and books atop what appeared to be an overturned garbage can. Then his keys fell down a hole in the center of the thing. Turns out the garbage can apparatus was a cover on a well and would not come off. We spent about 10 minutes with a stick getting his keys free.

    I am a huge fan of those dorky carabiner things. It's ironic that sometimes clutching objects so hard can lead us to let them go. (Eg, blood and bandages reduce hands effective security.) Hands are not always the most secure place to keep objects, since we have to use them for other tasks all the bloody time. I think I would lose my keys about 10x per day if I carried them in my hands.

  2. Anonymous6/12/2005

    it says that you believe in magic.



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