Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ever-Expanding Work

I thought that as soon as all the crap I had to do for school was finished, I would have all this leisure time to just hang out and do nothing. Alas, the trite saying that work expands to fill the time allotted is particularly true in my case.

There are THREE things to do on my list today. THREE. And somehow I find myself stressing out. How can I POSSIBLY get these things done? Hee.

Biker Boy's birthday is Saturday. I'm in a bit of a bind. He's not particularly helpful about what he 1) wants to do on his birthday and 2) wants as a gift for his birthday. I really pride myself on reading cues from people and getting them fairly decent gifts (which is to say, something they want and/or will use), but BB is so reticent to say anything, I sometimes just want to shake him and make him tell me something he's been wanting. I know I should have saved that damn Beach Boys CD for his birthday instead of giving to him as a "surprise" present. Way to not think ahead.

So I think I'm going to cook dinner for him on Saturday and maybe go to the movies with him. There are, however, a few considerations. I don't cook particularly well. However, he's pretty good about faking he likes the food I make, so I'll just dive in to that. Also, I don't do movies. I hate movies. They are long and I will inevitably fall asleep. BB has mentioned there are a couple of movies he wants to go see, however, so maybe I'll bite the bullet and go with him. I can always get a big bag of M&Ms as a reward for the sacrifice I will be making.

But for now I must continue crossing things off of my list, so I must get going to do so.

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