Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ha on you, preliminary exam!!

Neurotic Grad Student is precisely two hours and forty-six minutes removed from completing her evil second written prelim and shoving in the hands of the graduate student secretary. She is a nice woman, that graduate student secretary. But she got twenty-two pages of crap hurled in her general direction at 4:00 pm.

So, what's next, you ask. What's next? You wouldn't believe what's next.

I am showered and sexily dressed. In the next half hour I will put on makeup and BLOW-DRY my hair and then, then, then.....

Biker Boy is making me dinner. Because he's so excited he has a pneumonia-less girlfriend who is done taking his prelim he can hardly STAND IT. And that's why I'm going to put on makeup. For my man.

It's supposed to snow tonight. And when it starts, I want to be outside. Because I've been fucking sick all winter and unable to enjoy the delights of snow. And that's that. We're going to eat, take a walk, and play in the snow. Rock on!!

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