Saturday, March 12, 2005

Five Days and Counting

The second prelim. Five days. Enough said.

It's sort of random how you find stuff. Someone told me how to find someone's blog from school. It's a blog full sadness and unhappiness with grad school. And while I absolutely feel what he's saying, I also feel like sometimes the unhappiness we feel is blown out of proportion. But, nonetheless, perception is reality and when the loneliness overwhelms you, the bottom seems like a big, endless hole you can never get out of.

There are good things, though, and I hope my classmate can see those things and live for them. School is secondary to the important things. Good luck to him in finding happiness.

My roommate from college sent me pictures of her baby. She's a cute baby. And my old roommate seems happy.

Today I witnessed the Mystery of the East Bank. I had coffee with my mentees this morning and when we came back, I went into Biker Boy's office for a minute and he told me there was a big brouhaha going on over on the East Bank. Biker Boy's office, unlike mine, has a view of the Mighty Mississip. Anyway, there were about six police cars, a fire truck, and some police tape up by the river bank. Small figures of people were walking through this woodsy area on the bank to a ledge. Just to the right of the ledge was a little red speck.

Just what was going on? I don't know, but here's my theory. Someone was kidnapped. They found this person's car. They thought it might have a bomb in it, so that's why the fire truck was there. And the little red speck? That was the missing person's jacket. Yeah, that's my theory.

On NPR yesterday they were talking about lobotomies. And, in a strange twist of fate, when I went to a party last night, the people at the party were talking about the lobotomy story. How weird.

Okay, I'm going to head to bed because I have to teach my clas tomorrow and then come back here and straighten up before someone comes to look at the damn apartment. I finally broke down and paid a lot of money to put an ad for a roommate in the Strib. It will run next week. If I don't get anyone from that, I'm going to give up. I'm going to tell my old roommate that she's on her own for finding a roommate. I don't want any more of it.

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