Monday, February 28, 2005

Random Stuff

So here are some thoughts.

Spitting. Gross.

I lost my hat that matches my winter coat perfectly. I sigh over its disappearance and wander downtown to buy a new winter hat. Alas, they have stuff out for spring and there are no winter hats to be found. That's right. Target, Marshalls, and Gap. They all let me down. I was able to buy BB a fun CD at Target, though. Meanwhile, there's dorky Neurotic Grad Student wearing her hood. Peripheral vision not included.

My roommate's boyfriend. Arrogant, pompous bastard. I hate, hate, hate him. The fact that my roommate won't pay the gas bill. Bitchy. The fact that I can't stop thinking about how much I hate the arrogant pompous bastard for making her bitchy. Twice as bitchy. I am twice as bitchy as she is because I won't let up on how bitchy she is. And I know, know, know it.

My cell phone "ring" is Edwin Starr's "War." What IS it good for?

It's my bestest friend's birthday on Wednesday. I definitely need to call her. And get a card in the mail TONIGHT. Whoops. I missed another birthday, too. I am a bad, bad friend who forgets to send my friends birthday cards.

Oh, and one last story of coincidence. Last month BB and I went to Connecticut to go to a wedding. Well, we met one of my friends from undergrad who currently lives in Boston in Wooster, MA because it was fairly close to being halfway between where we were and where they were. BB and I got there before our friends and we were in charge of finding someplace to eat. Well, Wooster is kind of industrial. The first place we come upon to eat is Friendly's (a sort of Denny's-type greasy spoon that specializes in desserts - yummy, ice cream!!). So we meet my friends at Friendly's in Wooster. We eat, we tell stories, blah, blah, blah.

This becomes important when, last week, I go to listen to a speaker. I think he's going to be interesting. The author of this book entitled, "Spirit and Flesh: Life in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church" ( comes to speak at school. And I went. And it wasn't nearly as interesting as it had potential to be, so don't fall for it and think it's interesting. The most interesting thing was when Ault told us that he was following the pastor around and one of the things that they had to do was meet a parishoner at the Friendly's in Wooster, Massachusetts. Okay, that's when I leaned over to the girl sitting next to me and whispered that I had been there, to that exact Friendly's, the previous month. Oh, yeah. I rule the world. But then I left the talk early because it was lame and the Friendly's thing was the coolest thing at all that happened.

And that's that. I have nothing to pull all this together. I am doing my best to stay sane as I study for my methods prelim.


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