Monday, February 07, 2005


Why don't people learn that you walk on the right? There are two sides of a hallway. If everyone walked on the right, foot traffic could travel in either direction without obstruction. Likewise, walk on the right side of the stairway. It just makes such perfect sense. Alas, people at a state university cannot seem to understand this.

In court today, this guy was up for sentencing. He had beaten his girlfriend at a SuperAmerica gas station in FRONT OF THE CAMERAS and there was a witness (the clerk) and visible evidence of his disturbing behavior (including a broken glass door that SuperAmerica had to replace to the sum of $620). But what do you think his sentence was? That's right. A year and a day stayed sentence. He gets to go on probation for three years. Yay.

The quarter machine at the library could be the loudest machine ever. Or at least ever in a library. It was quite loud. At a place where you're supposed to be shhhhhhhhh.

The Kleenex with lotion doesn't seem to be any different than the Kleenex without lotion. My nose can't tell the difference, anyway.

Can you take aspirin with Robitussin? I discussed this today at school. I want the cough suppressing, expectorating benefits of Robitussin combined with the pain relief of aspirin. Did you know that if you cough enough, your back AND chest start to hurt with a pain that is so unbearable you are no longer able to slouch OR sit up straight without being in agony?

Peanut butter rocks.

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