Friday, January 14, 2005

Two New Fishes!!!

Today Biker Boy and I went fish shopping. So sorry, Joe, but I cleaned out your tank and replaced you with two fancy-tailed guppies. Apparently these are hardy fish that should be able to survive the freezing cold temps in our apartment. These fish currently have no names. I need to get to know them a bit before naming them. They are both boys. One is kind of dark with a lovely purplish tail and one is yellow with an orangey tail. Both are quite handsome fish. Biker Boy has told me that "cute" and "adorable" are words that should not be applied to males over the age of five. So I am working on that. Apparently, handsome, attractive, good-looking, sexy, and hot are more appropriate words. Good to know. Still, when I called Biker Boy cute today I meant it.

Biker Boy's CHRISTMAS PRESENT finally came in the mail today. Yeah, I know. Two weeks into January. So I got the little brown slip from the post office and RACED over there only to be told I couldn't pick it up until tomorrow. Of course not. Because my boyfriend could not possibly WANT his present THREE WEEKS late. *sigh* Poor Biker Boy, all Christmas presentless. Poor, poor, poor kid.

I don't usually discuss the weather here. Because, frankly, I live in Minnesota; I deserve whatever I get. But it's fucking cold here. Wind chills that are so cold you should not have to leave your house under any circumstances, even to meet your really cool Anthropolist Friend for lunch. However, it didn't stop me. I went and met Anthropolist Friend for lunch in the cold. Really. I really did. And then went fish shopping. And to the video store. ALL IN THE COLD. Yeah, Minnesota, take that. I can take your double digit below zero-ness. I'd like to thank my parents and sister who purchased me that impervious to cold Land's End coat, long underwear, hooded black sweater, hat, gloves, and spiffy winter boots for Christmas for making all that possible. Love ya!!

On the bus yesterday, I took the 18 and then transferred to the 16. That's inconsequential to you, but you should know this VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION because on both BUSSES (BOTH!!) some guy sat down next to me and SPIT. ON THE FLOOR. OF THE BUS. Ewwwww. I asked some of the fellows in the computer lab at school and they told me that this was wrong. And gross. AndI agree. Spitting someplace where the spit must stay and be looked at is wrong. I mean, spitting in public is gross anyway, but this was just too much for me. Spitting is wrong.

So the point of this entry. There isn't one. Welcome Fish #1 and Fish #2. I hope ya'all get names soon. Christmas presents that come in January are still okay. It's cold here, but I can hack it due to warm clothes received for Christmas. Spitting is gross. Take from that what you will because there's no moral or end of story!!

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