Wednesday, January 05, 2005

It's Been A While

I went away for a bit to visit family. Some of the less boring stories follow.

I was home for about two days and hadn't quite adjusted to the having to watch my mouth thing. And on the coffee table there was this item. It was kind of rocket shaped and about the size of my index finger. I picked it up, saw it was nose spray, and replaced it. Pa says, "what are you doing?" I say, "I thought it was a dildo." Ummmm...that's not a phrase one should say to your FATHER. He says, "it's a bit small for a dildo." I had absolutely no response to this and ran out of the room as fast as I could. You should not say things like that to your FATHER.

My sister and I met Ma and Pa for dinner somewhere and as we were walking in, my dad asks us what a puppy coat is. We stare at him. Like the fur on Gizmo? Or a coat you put on a Yorkshire Terrier? What? Seems that had heard a story on the news about a suspect in a murder investigation. It was a black male, with tennis shoes and a red puppy coat. Sis and I laughed and laughed. Red PUFFY coat. A puppy coat is a puffy coat. Hee hee.

My parents have a plastic nativity scene in front of their house. On a really warm day, I was helping my mom put these damn figures in the shed. The Mary figure had a lot of water in it and as it dripped all over me, I said, "Jesus, Mary" and my mom laughed and laughed.

Nick and Shannon's baby is freaking adorable. She's so cute and she is really friendly and just about leaped into my arms. I'm getting pretty good at the changing the diaper thing. Carrie and Ron's kids are cute, too. One is 4 and a half and one is almost two. They fucking rule. We played a lot.

Gizmo is doing well. I think that Midnight is sick, though. He has these weird seizure things and scares the living daylights out of me. He has a vet appointment tomorrow to figure out what's wrong with him. Biker Boy and I are heading to Connecticut for a wedding on Friday. I'm looking forward to it. Our hotel room has a KING bed in it. Oh, think of the fun of that!!

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