Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Even Nature Loves Maroon and Gold

Even nature loves maroon and gold. There's a popular U poster that has that slogan written on it with a picture of a lane surrounded by autumnal trees with leaves that do look suspiciously like our school colors. It's impressive, if a bit scary. And the grounds crew at the U has cleverly designed it so that the trees here on campus look like that. In front of the building where I have my math class, there are two of these such trees. And a little voice in my head kept repeating the slogan. Even nature loves maroon and gold. Even nature loves maroon and gold. Even nature loves maroon and gold. Even nature loves maroon and gold. Damn maroon and gold. Way to brainwash an innocent graduate student walking around the day after election day. The day the idiot incumbent gets to have a victory celebration and the day the the ass licking challenger conceded. Votes are left uncounted and he concedes. Fine leader of the free world you would have made anyway. So, four more years of insane wars without end, lying to the public, insane Attorney Generals with crazy fundamentalist beliefs limiting MY health care options, funding for the Violence Against Women Office being slashed, health care prices soaring, international law being broken, prisoners being held without being told of charges against them, political torture, and diplomatic ties around the world disintegrating. Oh, but this time something more special happens in this presidential term. Some Supreme Court justices are going to be appointed. Yay! Four more years! More like three more decades! But even nature loves maroon and gold. But nature hates liberals. Or maybe god hates us.

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