Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Week's Over!!

Yesterday was another really long day in my world. I had to take in the 7:20 bus and didn't get to leave school until 5:00 and was busy running from one thing to another all day long. I also got in a couple hours of reading, so if I'm a busy girl today, I can probably get my reading done for the week and more of my "optional" reading that I'm doing because the DGS told us that none of us are ever going to get out of here and I'm determined that I will.

When I got home I set up a playlist of considerable length and collapsed onto the spare bed in our office. Where I slept for about fifteen minutes before my phone rang. It was Biker Boy, informing me that he was still at school, but he'd call me when he was home and we were still doing something tonight, right? Even as my first instinct was to head straight to bed for the rest of the night, I didn't say that. Of course we were going to the movies. Of course we were. And I was not going to go to bed.

But of course I did. Collapsed on to the spare bed again. When *roommate* came in about an hour later, I was still asleep. She turned the light off and the music down, though, and I promptly woke up. One of the first years was with her. He's a funny fellow. *Roommate* made him eggs and toast and then she went to make a phone call and I made him tea. And pretended my left contact wasn't lost in my eye (you really should not sleep with contacts in - they aren't lying about that).

Soon thereafter, Biker Boy called. I told him I would be over as soon as I finished my tea. We were going to see "Shaun of the Dead." I asked *roommate* and the first year if they wanted to come. They were ambivalent, which I took as a big fat no. Whatever. I asked. After finishing my tea, I fixed my makeup and put on some lip gloss and headed out to meet Biker Boy.

The movie was actually quite hilarious. We laughed and laughed. There was a line when the two main characters are discussing what they had heard on the television. "You heard the man. We're supposed to stay inside." "Fuck the man!" Yay! Fuck the man! Biker Boy and I laughed so hard. Fuck the man. I think we were the only ones who laughed, though. It's a product of our environment. But it was funny. Why didn't anyone else laugh?

Afterwards, we went back to his place and that was that. There was a bit of chaste making out, which I consider to be extremely good progress. Yay for that! Unfortunately, I was totally exhausted. The running around this week has taken its toll on me. Yes, I fell asleep. On his lap. I think that amazed him.

Anyway, much chaste cuddling and about a dozen listens of the same Elliott Smith CD later, I finally went home. Again, the warning about sleeping with contacts in is appropriate here. DON'T DO IT. Someone was driving the wrong way down the part of Lake Street that is one way. At first I had thought that I was the idiot driving the wrong way, but it turns out that I was in the right. Didn't stop me from almost getting hit head on, but a cop soon came and begin to follow the idiot car that wanted to kill me.

So great. Progress was made last night. But then this morning.

*Roommate* was cooking her lunch to take to school with her when I woke up. I ran into the bathroom because the stench was too much for me to take. She opened lots of windows and the back door and eventually I was able to leave the bathroom without gagging. Then I said, "so what's with you and the first year?" And she said, "nothing, we're just good friends. What's up with you and Biker Boy?" Except real names were substituted for descriptive phrases. No response from me. I fled to the computer room.

*Roommate* follows. "You put on lipstick for him for last night!" Shit, she is right. I did put on lip gloss and fix my makeup before I left to go to Biker Boy's. I guess I hadn't realized how transparent the whole thing was. *Roommate* and I had a heart to heart about how I don't know what's going on with Biker Boy and that we have a lot of issues to sort through. She told me that I shouldn't use her issues with Biker Boy as an excuse for not taking action on this. *sigh* I had no idea she was so pro-Biker Boy.

And there you have it. Found out by lip gloss.

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