Sunday, October 10, 2004

Trees, Leaves, and Red Handkerchiefs

Today *roommate* and I went to a state park. Because it's supposed to be peak season for fall color. Peak season in Minnesota is about three hours, so we have to take advantage of it when we can.

So state park. We get there and start up a trail. A trail that is marked difficult. Or something. *roommate* has the map. I'm declaring right here that *roommate* is in charge. Of the map. I never get to see it.

Okay, it's absolutely lovely. I kid you not. Really beautiful. I'm not going to wax too poetic over this, but the reds and yellows and light greens were wonderful. And present at this park. The sound of leaves crunching under our feet was fun and we spent a lot of time kicking up leaves and purposefully stepping down hard to hear that sweet sound. But this doesn't make for the best part of the story.

We pass a tree with a red handerchief tied to it. We make jokes about someone tying it there to find their way out. And then we pass it AGAIN. And we laugh. And we pass it AGAIN. We're stuck in a loop. A crazy, crazy, crazy loop. *roommate* can't figure out where we are on the map, let alone how to get off the loop from hell. Jokes were made about people finding us next spring because we haven't seen any living people the whole time we got on this crazy trail. Two men pass us on the trail and I go to ask them and *roommate* says, "We can't ask men." We continue on until we come across a cute couple with a marsupial baby and asked them.

So we were on the trail for about three and a half hours. Boy do my legs hurt.

Then we stopped for fresh donuts and apple cider at this apple orchard place. Great fall day.

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