Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Monday Monday how could you leave and not take me

So, yeah, Monday. It's over now. Here it is in a nutshell.

7:00 Alarm goes off. I hit snooze twice, haul ass, take shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, pack bag for a neverending day.

8:22 Leave for bus.

8:55 Settle in for a good time with my crossword for a rockin' good time in TA class.

9:55 Up to the department. Check email. Send email to my bestest friend with latest update on Biker Boy situation.

10:30 Check phone. Voice mail! From Biker Boy. Message says, "hi Dominique blekj shhh shhh blek bshhhh shhh." Huh?

10:31 Call Biker Boy. He's on the plane, I can hear them issuing boarding instructions. "Flight from Moline to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport." He says, "oh, well, I just wanted someone to put a note on my office door that I won't be having office hours today." I say, "I can do that." He says, "they're almost over." I laugh. Biker Boy: "okay, I have to go. We're taking off." "Have a nice flight."

10:33 Sit down with essays to grade. First year walks in. "OH MY GOD. ARE YOU DATING BIKER BOY?" Door shuts. I politely remind her not to talk so loud about things like that in the department because people might think it's true. "Everyone's talking about how you left the party together. You're together, aren't you?!" ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does everyone know my business except me?!

11:40 Frantic phone call made, related to part-time job of no particular significance.

11:47 Begin walking across the Mighty Mississip to friend Big John's.

12:04 Get to Big John's. Let the party begin. He has chicken and broccoli from the Chinese place downstairs. We dig in. His friend/neighbor, Hilarious Korean Girl, comes in. Fun ensues. We listen to classic rock. John and I become filled with glee and "Monday Monday" by the Mamas and the Papas. CCR comes on with "Have you Ever Seen the Rain?" and I start dancing. HKG can not handle this. She's laughing and laughing and laughing. White girl dancing!! How silly!! The dancing continues with a bit of "Celebration." And then when "Take it Easy" by the Eagles come on, we just chill. Totally. Until the line, "there's a girl my lord in a flat bed Ford slowin' down to take a look at me." John and I totally flip out. Absolute craziness. We love that line!! And we agree that "Woldn't it Be Nice" is the Beach Boys best stuff, although they play "Little Deuce Coupe." Elvis is discussed. We agree that this music is necessary for all our lunch dates.

1:20 Leave Big John's for gym.

1:24 Voice mail message from Big John. "Brown-Eyed Girl" chorus. I grin and sing along as I walk along. Yay for that! Folk were staring at me. Whatever.

1:30 Locker room. Blah. Workout.

2:35 Get to math building. Finish grading essays. Crazily read stuff I should have read a long time ago.

3:30 Sit through worst math class ever. I have no idea what he's talking about.

5:00 I have missed two calls during class. One is from an ex-boyfriend who I have been trying to get to call me back for MONTHS. Anyway, I call him back, but of course he's not answering.

5:03 Math library. I spend an hour looking up words in a dictionary for my insignificant part-time job.

6:00 Frantically walk around Dinkytown looking for a place to buy Skittles. Why is there no convenience store in Dinkytown? Why, God, why?

6:06 Find Hanana Convenience. Buy Skittles, Starburst, and Twizzlers. Reason will become clear soon enough.

6:15 Get to insignificant part-time job. Must teach test prep class.

8:32 Someone has called and left voice mail for me!! Yay!! But, I am teaching. I am not allowed to check voice mail. When they are quietly working, I check to see who had called, thinking it would be the aforementioned ex who I had not talked to yet, but it was BIKER BOY. We play Bingo with vocab words. Winner takes Twizzlers. Second place person takes Skittles.

9:32 Check Biker Boy's message. He says, "a friend of mine sent me an email asking why we have a two-party stystem. Care to answer? Based on that lecture you prepared not so long ago?" Ha. I call him back, while walking to bus stop. A half hour later, I have found out that he had a good time at the wedding, if a bit too much social time. His flights went well and he made it back to Latin class today. He has lots of grading to do and has to work tomorrow night and essentially we're not going to be "hanging out" anytime soon.

10:04 Hang up with Biker Boy.

10:06 Fair Lancaster Love calls. She wants the dirt on Biker Boy. I tell her he is back and that we have talked, although I haven't seen him. NOTE: It's TEN O'CLOCK. I haven't been to the department since NOON. And I haven't been home since EIGHT in the morning!!

10:10 Get to West Bank campus on bus. There's *roommate*! Getting on the same bus. I get off phone with Fair Lancaster Love.

10:44 *Roommate* and I get home after a long ass walk from the bus stop she gets off. This is not the same bus stop I use.

10:50 Check email for first time since 11 in the morning. Nothing useful.

10:55 Eat peanut butter toast and drink cup of Coke (left over from party).

Now I'm writing this and thinking about how little actually got accomplished today. But, on the bright side, I feel good about it. And tomorrow should be just as frustratingly full of stuff that's not actual work.

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