Friday, October 22, 2004

Air hockey extravaganza

Things have been a bit crazy. Wednesday night I thought it would be a good idea to spend some time with Biker Boy. Indeed, we did have a good time doing absolutely nothing I would have to hide from my parents (my judge of what a “good time” should be, I suppose). As I drove home at four in the morning, I thought about how nice the City of Lakes would be if only traffic were always like that. As a bonus, I was able to turn the music up really loud and belt out Juice Newton like no one else. Juice, baby, I love you.

Thursday was an especially evil day, full of me running around, but attempting to take a nap on every available horizontal surface. It did me absolutely no good to see Biker Boy so freaking chipper and happy that I almost screamed at him for being able to get sleep when I was not able to. (I lie. I was glad to see him happy. I like to think he was in a good mood because we spent Wednesday together and I’m just going to keep on thinking that and no one can make me think any differently.) At one point, I took a nap on a table in our lounge and had *roommate* wake me up in fifteen minutes. I think she was fairly amazed that I actually fell asleep, but I don’t think she realized I had been up to four in the morning.

After school on Thursday, I rushed home to take a phone call from my ex-boyfriend who called last week and asked if he could stay with me for a day next month since he’ll be in the great City of Lakes (which he called, insultingly enough, the frozen tundra – doesn’t he know that he shouldn’t insult somewhere he’s going to be staying?) for a little bit on a layover. I was puzzled by our phone exchange since we haven’t had the best of relationships since we broke up, but I’m going to take this as his way of reaching out to me and making amends. So I ate dinner (which included some ice cream!) and got ready for my super duper experience of AIR HOCKEY TOURNAMENTS.

A friend of mine asked me to join him and some of his punk friends at an air hockey tournament at a local bar. Of course I said yes. Because who could resist? I was eliminated in the first round, but I met some intelligent people (and some people who were really, really, really stoned) and had a good time. Biker Boy had called me when I was in the bar, so I called him on the way home. We set up a date for tonight. Whoo hoo. We’re going to the movies. Tonight. It feels all strange.

So here I am. It’s eight in the morning. I’m at school (ALREADY!). A bunch of us are having breakfast with a job candidate and that starts in a few minutes. My list of things to do today includes tutoring for my part-time job of no significance, working out, job talk this afternoon, reading four journal articles, and beginning my math homework. Once I do all that, I can legitimately go home and wait for Biker Boy to tell me when we’re going to get together to go to the movies. So, I need to get busy right now and start with those journal articles!

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