Friday, August 11, 2017

2017 CSA Week 10: Halfway Through the Season

This week's basket is going to be a challenge, but we shall persevere. 

Aji hot peppers (2)
Slicer tomatoes
Green Kale
Dragon's tongue beans

I don't know. We had some lettuce on tacos tonight. Dr. BB is making a pinto bean kale soup and he'll use some of the kale in that. Maybe he'll use one of those peppers, but we already bought a jalapeno for that soup, so I doubt it. I'll eat the tomatoes raw. Those stupid beans are a problem - I don't really care for them and neither does Dr. BB. I've been eating them raw, but that A LOT of beans when you don't really love them.

I think I'll make a salsa verde with the tomatillos because I honestly don't know what else one does with tomatillos. 

The garlic will get added to the pile of garlic we cannot use.  The next person who visits our house will get loaded down with garlic and onions from our CSA because we just can't use them.

The parsley, sage, and peppers are quite problematic. If I'm being honest, they'll probably end up in the compost. But.  Maybe I'll attempt to dry the herbs.  That would be fun. I did end up using the basil from last week in a pesto (which was kind of gross, but I tried!). 

Not the best basket we've ever had, but forward march.

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