Thursday, June 27, 2013

CSA Madness

So CSA season is upon us. We're actually NOT MOVING this summer, so we joined up. The real bonus is that our health insurance is reimbursing us almost half the cost, so I consider this exceptionally great vegetable frugality. Plus, our pickup location is only a couple of blocks from our apartment, so we get to walk to pick it up! This week, we got this basket:

1 head of green leaf lettuce
3 beets
Kohlrabi (2 bulbs)
Summer squash
Lemongrass and mint
Garlic scapes

Here's what it looked like by the time I got it home, washed it, and got it ready for storing. Our biggest challenges have been what to do with the greens. I have some radish greens and kohlrabi greens left over from LAST week and now I have kohlrabi and beet greens to deal with this week.  The greens are out of control! 

We've been putting the greens in with eggs and frittatas which has helped. I also have been sauteing them at lunch with some of the garlic scapes or green onions, salt and pepper, and balsamic (with a light topping of whatever cheese we have handy, although Parmesan and feta seem to work best).  Also, nary a meal goes by without a side salad. 

I've attempted to make the green chips everyone raves about - kale chips and kohlrabi green chips and the outcomes of these experiments have been disgusting and inedible, so please don't suggest that. 

But, seriously? What do YOU do with all the greens in your CSA basket? 


  1. maybe using them like spinach? you could maybe saute them into a pasta? cook them like southern greens with some bacon? make dip with them? (like spinach artichoke dip, but with your greens and cheese?

    What about beans & greens? Cannellini Beans with sauteed greens over pasta or in a soup?

  2. Soup and stew-- which usually freezes pretty well, too ;)
    CSA's are great, I can't believe your insurance is paying part of the cost-- that's fantastic.


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