Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Thanks for that, too!

We were dreading registering for gifts for the wedding. I mean, it's not like we had ever sat down and said, " so what's your vision for decorating our home?" We had heard nightmare stories about couples arguing about what to register for. But we needed to do it. We randomly decided to register at two stores, Crate and Barrel (mostly because, at the time we registered, there was one in downtown Minneapolis and I will do a lot to avoid going to the suburbs) and Bed, Bath, and Beyond (mostly because there is one down the street from Biker Boy's parents' house, so it made registering easy).

We walked into the Crate and Barrel downtown and both of us were immediately drawn to the same dinnerware. We present to you: Kita.

It's hard to tell from the picture,but it has a fantastic crackle-glaze on it. We got four-piece placesettings and saucers. The first wedding gift we got in the mail was a placesetting. Shortly after the wedding, we took the trip to the suburbs (the C & B downtown had since been closed) and got a bunch more placesettings to finish our registry. Running the dishwasher with all our new dishes was pretty darn exciting.

But last week, after a few weeks of daily use, we started to notice staining on our dishes. No matter how many times we washed them or ran them through the dishwasher, they would not come clean. We did a little internet research and realized that this is a fairly common problem with the Kita dishes. We were pretty disappointed. We had agreed on these - it was so easy. We had gotten these as wedding gifts and they hadn't been inexpensive.

We called Crate and Barrel and they agreed to take them back. So we returned our stained dishes and stood in the store for about half an hour debating what new plateware to get. Seriously. This is what we had dreaded when we were thinking about registering. This was the the thing that would force BB to murder me in my sleep. We went back and forth - no more crackle glazes - they will stain. No plain white - I will die of boredom in my breakfast. We both really liked the red set - will it look dated in five years? Will our food be hard to see on the red? We really like this other set - but it's like $30 more per placesetting, which we could certainly afford, but do we really need to be so extravagant?

Eventually we settle on Nuit. Welcome to our family, new dishes!

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  1. see, the new one has a much better coffeemug thingie ;)


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