Sunday, October 31, 2004

Went To A Party On Saturday Night!! KISS ME DEADLY!!

Oh, the fun of Sunday mornings when Saturday night has gone soooo well.

I worked relatively hard on a project for school all weekend until about 5:00 last night. Then I came home, took a nap, and prepared for the fun that is the Halloween weekend to begin.

First of all, I wake up from nap around 7:00. I look around the apartment. *Roommate's* light is on in her bedroom, the dining room light is on, her phone is on her bed, but *roommate* is no where to be seen. After I shower, I still can not find her. I decided to take a nap. Around 8:00 I call Biker Boy and tell him we will be late because I don't know where the fuck my *roommate* is and she's supposed to come with us. Biker Boy is quite understanding and I think a bit glad we are running late because he hasn't had time for dinner yet. Go Biker Boy!!

*Roommate* comes in and tells me that she was with this Adorable Writer Guy looking for a costume. She's going as the IWW cat. I nod and tell her to hurry up and get her ass going because we're LATE. (I was wearing ORANGE fishnets!! Whee!! I bought them in JUNE just for Halloween!)

We started out at a party that a couple of first years were throwing. No one likes these first years, but Biker Boy is their mentor (an actual program we have in our department) and he had told them he would go, so I was implicated in going. We had a time limit, though. Thirty minutes. That's all either one of us could take.

So thirty minutes there and we took off. For the karaoke bar! Wheeeee. We sang and sang. Let's see if I can remember my songs. "He's a Rebel." I thought I knew that song. But I don't. "Bubba Shot the Jukebox," "You're So Vain," and our Physics Friend and I sang "Kiss Me Deadly." There were some group songs I was on stage for, too, including "I Touch Myself" and a rockin' version of "Living on a Prayer." Oh, the joys of it all.

Biker Boy and I then went to his place. Where the after-party also was a lot, a lot, a lot of fun. Really. It was the best part of the night! Yay!!

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