Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Break, Days 7 - 9

Surprise! We went to the office in the morning. Then we went home, packed, and Dr. BB drove to Iowa.
Then I dropped him off there and drove to Chicago. I checked into a hotel and  my mom and sister arrived about an hour later. We made plans for the next day, and I after I dutifully put in ear plugs, I attempted to get some sleep.

We had three big things planned for Saturday. First we drove to Evanston because I NEED LAKE MICHIGAN.
We walked around the grounds of the Grosse Point Lighthouse, but the tours don't start until the summer, so we didn't get to go inside. We did walk on the lake and pet two German shepherds, so I count the excursion as a win.

Major Thing #1: Then we went to the Charles Gates Dawes House. Dawes was a vice-president (under Coolidge). My mom and I had no idea; my sister couldn't name the current VP, so she really didn't care. I guess in my head when I heard the name Dawes, I thought this was Henry L. Dawes, the guy responsible for the Dawes Act that basically ruined American Indian culture, but Henry was Charles' grandfather (or maybe great-grandfather - the docent wasn't entirely clear on this point), so I was all ready for my liberal ire to be raised, but it turns out Charles Dawes was a WWI war hero and all around good guy, so there you have it. It was a beautiful house and we enjoyed the tour.

Especially the part where I got to make sentences.
"Major" Thing #2: We had lunch at a shopping mall and did some meandering. I purchased a lip scrub at Lush and some pajama pants for Dr. BB.
Major Thing #3: My sister was most excited about our evening plans, which were dinner and a show at Medieval Times. The horses were cool, I liked watched the falcon fly around, and I even sort of enjoyed watching some of the jousting and whatnot, but I don't think I ever have to spend $80 a ticket on that experience again.  I would recommend you go once, but be prepared for crappy food, bad acting, and amazing animals.
We went to the Museum of Science and Industry. I pretty much give everything in this museum two giant thumbs up. Even the less exciting exhibits were better than the average exhibit in most museums and THERE WAS A HUGE DOLL CASTLE and BABY CHICKS. All three of us adults found the WOW! tour to be amazing and the kids on our tour seemed to like it, too. In general, if you're in Chicago, this museum is definitely worth the price of admission, unlike some of the other attractions in the city (ahem Shedd Aquarium).
And then I drove to Iowa, picked up Dr. BB, said hello to a few of my nieces and nephews, and then Dr. BB drove us home.

Bonus Monday (not Spring Break)
We worked, went to the grocery store, worked out, and did laundry. Don't you envy us our lives?  *sigh*

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