Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The thing about a cat

The cat likes to scratch the screen door, so for the three days a year we can have the door open to the outside, we vigilantly watch Zelda and when she reaches her little paw towards the screen, we either clap loudly to startle her or say her name in a stern tone she's quite familiar with.  She stops the would-be scratching, but then meows a pitiful sound.  Then she'll wander over to wherever we are, stand by our feet, and yowl at us some more. 

I've begun wondering if our neighbors or anyone walking by thinks we're abusing her.  So the conversation begins.

Me (to cat): Do you want Sarah McLachlan to come rescue you from our cruelty?
Cat (to me): Yawwwwrrr yawrrrrrrrr.
Me (to cat): I don't think Sarah wants to deal with your sass.
Cat (to me):  Rawwwwrrrrrrrrrr.
Me (to cat): Fine. I'll go get a toy and play with you.

I had no idea that cats were so chatty.  Or bossy. Lesson learned. 

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