Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Big day

Today is my husband's birthday.  When we were planning our dinners for the week, I asked him if he wanted anything special. He sighed and asked that I make his birthday as normal a day as possible. So we're having meatloaf, sweet potatoes, and broccoli*. And if he so much as makes a single comment about it, I will kick him.  I made some cookies, too. 

But there are presents. Two of them, exactly. I will put a candle in a cookie and make him blow it out before he can open them. 

1. Tie bar from Nature's Bridal Shop ($30 + $4 shipping in the US) - A month or so ago, Dr. BB mentioned that although he always thought tie bars were "nerdy, even for me," he admitted that he has started to understand the need for one, particularly when his ties are forever getting dusty from falling into chalk trays at work. 

2. Ultra slim wallet from Sivani Accessories ($52 + $14 shipping in the US or $4 with another item) - His wallet is destroyed and he's been complaining about it for over a year. He does not like huge wallets (they leave marks on pants) and  it doesn't have any clips because those things tear up the inside of his pockets, so I hope he enjoys this homemade take on a slim wallet.  Or I will kick him.

*I eat broccoli because it's supposedly good for you, but I don't really like it. Does anyone really LIKE it?

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