Thursday, May 01, 2014

April 2014 Books

The Arena by Karen Hancock (free Kindle book) - So, I'm a heathen, right?  I was raised as a non-believer and I am an atheist of the strongest and I read the entire Chronicles of Narnia without understanding the allegory, so when even I identify that your "science fiction" is religious proselytizing, you've totally lost me as a reader. Just read The Hunger Games and spare yourself from this propaganda.  And, let's say that you don't care about the religious overtones.  Well, that's fine. You still shouldn't read this book because the clunky writing and complete lack of character development will slowly drive you insane.

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick (library book) - This reminds me a great deal of Sarah Dessen's novels, especially my favorite Just Listen.  The scenes where the main character looks in the mirror and wonders why she doesn't look different when her life has been changed in a major way just really resonated with me.  It wasn't an all out win for me (the Nan storyline, in particular, seemed completely pointless and left without closure), but it was wonderful and made me happy when I finished it.

Raising Stony Mayhall  by Daryl Gregory (library book) - I want to be on board with everything undead, but the religious overtones are so overt that they distract from anything else interesting about this book.  Bummer.

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