Wednesday, October 10, 2012

And then this happened

You know, it was planned. A week away with my mom and sister. And it happened. And it was good.

The trees in Michigan were gorgeous last week. This tree is in my mom's yard and I took picture after picture of it.  Funny story about this tree. My sister attempted to climb this tree when we were young. I held on to her bike, she climbed on the seat, and started up. Somehow my twisted brain got distracted and I let go of the bike. She fell, broke her wrist, and started a cycle of arthritis and tendon issues that is still ongoing today. We told my parents she fell off her bike, that's what they told the doctors, and I think that's what my mom thinks happened to this day.  I mean, technically she did fall of her bike, but mostly she fell because I'm a dumbass. Every time my sister has surgery on that wrist, I feel really, really, really bad.

Some horses lived in this field. I was jealous of their view.  I mean, if I was a horse, I would totally want to know that that trees surrounding my field would turn lovely reds and golds in October. I think it would make my horse-y day.

We spent most of our week on Mackinac Island or getting there. Absolutely lovely. I took about a gazillion pictures, but of course I took those pictures on my mom's digital camera. I left the camera with her without getting copies. I am, once again, still a dumbass. These are the very snapshots I took on my phone's camera, so they're not great quality, but you certainly get the idea of the wonderfulness of it all.

Anyway, if you're planning a trip to Mackinac, I highly recommend going in October if it's possible. You'll have to bundle up a little bit more, but the crowds are sparse, the lodgings are cheaper, and everything on the Island is on sale (Mackinac Island fudge - buy 3 slices, get 2 free! - fudge was purchased).  I mean, if you like that kind of scenic beauty that is only found in the Great Lakes region, of course.  

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