Friday, April 30, 2010

Overheard in Minneapolis

Where: Outside our apartment building in south Minneapolis
When: Tonight around 10:30 pm
How: Quite loudly

Man: You better stay the hell away from my daughter!

(Long pause.)

Man: You better run, you little n*****.

End scene.

Discussion questions:

1) Do people in 2010 really say stay away from my daughter? Do they clean their shotguns and wait on the porch swing at curfew, too?

2) Am I allowed to type out the n-word? Would it be un-PC to write the entire forbidden word out? Because, I assure you, the man screaming outside of our building, he did not edit himself.

3) Should the daughter be allowed to go home with the bellowing man?

4) Should I have done something more than go into our bedroom and ask my dear, depressingly sick husband if he had heard the exchange as well?

5) Does this make you want to move to our fabulous city?


  1. That sounds very disturbing. Like you got stuck in a bad movie without permission and without a script.


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